Mike Gallagher Weekends


Mike Gallagher's road to being one of the most listened-to radio talk show hosts in the country (Talkers Magazine) began in 1978 as a 17-year-old high school senior in Dayton, Ohio and he has been talking on the radio and television ever since. In 1998, The Mike Gallagher Show was launched nationally with 12 radio stations. Today, he's heard by over 2.25 million weekly listeners (Talkers Magazine) in America's top ten markets. Currently, he is a Fox News Channel Contributor making frequent appearances on all of the Fox News Channel programs as well as occasionally guest hosting one of the talk shows on the cable news giant. In addition to his busy broadcasting career, he's also a pundit for the popular news and opinion website, Newsmax.com. Mike's proudest achievement is his family. Mike and his wife Denise currently reside in Tarrant County, Texas (near Dallas) with dogs Thumper and Buster. Their four boys, Bryan, Trevor, Matthew and Micah have all 'sprung the nest' and are living all over the country either going to college or working.