Domestic Violence Case Against \"127 Hours\" Hiker Dropped

(Denver, CO) -- Charges against the self amputee whose story inspired the film "127 Hours" have been dropped. "The Denver Post" says the charges against Aron Ralston were dismissed Monday at the request of the Denver City attorney. Ralston and his girlfriend Vita Shannon were both arrested at their Denver-area home Saturday night on charges of assault and wrongs to minors after an apparent altercation stemming from an argument over Ralston's son. According to "The Post," Shannon pled not guilty to the charges and one additional charge of disturbing the peace that was added during their court hearing on Monday. Bond was set at 550-dollars. She's due to appear in court again on Friday.

Ralston gained national attention for his story of survival in 2003. Trapped by a boulder during a hiking expedition in Utah, Ralston managed to escape his days-long ordeal by amputating his right arm with a dull blade. His experience was detailed in the 2010 movie "127 Hours," starring James Franco.