All About Medicare

All About Medicare

All About Medicare - Sponsored by Bright HealthCare

Jerry King, an Independent Health Insurance Broker, answers your questions about Medicare. He'll help you to understand the many nuances associated with Medicare, such as "What is Medicare?", "What does it cover?", "What's not covered?", "Do I have to take Medicare when I turn 65?" and much more. Jerry will often have guests in the studio and he looks forward to helping you get the right answers to YOUR questions.

Jerry does not work for Medicare or Social Security, but his many years of experience is made available to you and he represents a plethora of Insurance Carriers in Colorado. 

Listen in, or even call Jerry at (719) 494-3023 or send him an email at [email protected]  for a personal conversation. You can even ask your question in an email and he'll answer your question during the show!


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